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Top 5 Ways To Get Free Chips in 3patti Gold App

Teen Patti is Very Popular Card Game and Good Time Pass Game where we use Our Game strategy  to Win 3Patti Game .Now This Game Comes for Our android Mobile app to with Name 3patti Gold app and today we are Going To Tell You ways to Get Free Chips in 3patti Gold App.

Free Chips is a way of Money To Play in Teen Patti Game App .It works as a Fuel to the Game .In 3 patti gold free chips is like Game money which you can win By Playing Various teen patti game in same teen patti gold app.

Before we Told you the 5 ways to earn Unlimited Free chips in Teen Patti Gold app (TPG) I am Going to Tell You How to play teen patti online by official teen Patti Gold app or Teen Patti Mod APK So follow below steps to Get teen patti game download .

  • First Install 3Patti Gold APK from Here: Teen Patti Gold Download ]
  • Open the App and skip welcome screen.
  • Now Login Via Facebook to Create New account and Get Sign up Bonus upto 2 Lakh.

How To Get Free Chips in 3patti Gold App:

First Of All I am Going to tell You easy way to Play Indian Teen Patti game and Earn Lots of Free Chips Regularly to Play Grand League or Regular Hands.Their are Mostly 5 ways To Get Free Chips in 3Patti Gold App .I am Going to give You Full Detail To Get it So Please Follow the Steps Carefully.

1- Two Lakh's Free Chips By Joining 3Patti Gold App:

Yes Two Lakh Free chips On Sign up that was a great deal to every teen patti Poker player .This 2 Lakh free chips works on every game variant and from this 2 lakh initial offering you can make more free chips.

To get This Free chips you have to simply Sign up threw Facebook in 3Patti Gold app As you hit Facebook for sign up it ask some permission to make your account give it and Bingo! YOU have 2 lakh Free 3patti gold chips in Your account.

2-  Use Refer Code /Invite Code To Get 25 thousands Free Chips:

Sign Up Bonus is not enough for you then here is bang Offer by teen patti Gold app for each freind you invite you get 25 thousand free chips which means unlimited free chips just ask your freind to download teem paati app and use 3patti Gold refer code to get 25k Bonus Both of you.

For the First time after sign up you can also use Invite Code to get your self 25,000 free chips so get my code from here and apply it in 3 patti gold app to get 25k Bonus.

3- Time Bonus

Time Bonus is another interesting feature in teen patti Gold app where you get time Bonus on every 12 hours up to 10 k free chips. It means on every 12 hours you get 10 k free Gold chips to play 3PATTI app .

If you are not able to collect this time Bonus then it will Get collected and when you come online you can collect it every time and play 3 patti Gold app and win more via this investment.

4- Level Bonus

Level Bonus is the Reward which you get when You play daily in 3patti poker game and keep doing mastering in it . Level Bonus is a Bonus which you get when you go on next stage of game .It simply means when your Playing Experience goes up you get Level Up bonus.

This Level Bonus is from 50 ,000 to 1 lakh free chips on every level .So Play more 3 patti poker app and get more level bonus as you go on next stage of game.

5- Gems Conversion in Free Chips

Gems is also one of the interesting 3patti feature in the app to convert Gems in free chips where  3 chips is equal to  10,000 Chips which you get By gems used for extra bonus from lobby.

Initially on Sign up you Ge 30 Gems freely which you can convert in lobby and get 3 lakh chips instantly.

You can also Buy Gems by Play store via inbuilt payment gateway .You can Buy Chips up to 1 crore in Rs 100 Only also You can Buy up to 16 crore chips in 1k .

Types of 3 Patti Gold Game in App:

In 3 patti Gold app their are various game which you can play any time or Offline to with your friends .SO Below is the games which you can play i am here giving only short so you know well what are you going to play.
  • 1- Play Now (Direct teen Patti Game)
  • 2-Variation
  • 3- Poker
  • 4-Delux Table
  • 7- RUMMY
  • 8- Private Table
  • 9-Play -on (Hotspot/Wifi)
So Guys Hope you have find top Ways To Get Free Chips in 3patti Gold App we will add more ways to get 3patti gold chips via Modded 3patti Gold apk .

So stay tune with us we are going to give you secret trick also in near future so you get lots of free chips when ever you want .If you have any question do comment Below we will Give your Query answers soon.

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